Michael Kors Men’s Lexington Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch

Brand : Michael Kors

  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Two-tone stainless steel watch with coin-edge bezel featuring silver-tone dial featuring three subdials and date window between four and five o’clock
  • 44 mm stainless steel case with mineral dial window
  • Quartz movement with analog display
  • Stainless steel band with fold-over clasp with double push-button safety

Product Description

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The frequency of cleaning the watch depends on the intensity of its use. Actively operated models must be cleaned once a week. The cleaning procedure should be taken seriously, improper actions will lead to damage to the mechanism. In the work you will need:

  • Paper, napkins – used to wipe the case, glass.
  • Soap, toothpaste are universal detergents.
  • Toothpicks, tweezers – allow you to work with small parts.
  • Ethyl alcohol – acts as a degreaser.

Before proceeding with cleaning, you must completely disassemble the device. Remember the location of parts, carefully handle the elements of the mechanism.

Next, clean the parts. Wet parts of the outdoor product must be thoroughly dried. The assembly of the inside provides for the lubrication of the main elements. Standard oil is used, you can purchase the product in specialized stores.

Cleaning the watch does not take much time, effort, every user can perform the procedure. The main thing is to adhere to special rules. We recommend that you find instructions, read the features of the model, pay special attention to small details. The slightest mistake can lead to breakage.

Internal mechanism

Cleaning the internal mechanism differs from other procedures. One improper movement can damage the mechanism. In the middle of the device there are many small parts that require maximum attention. The processing process of the internal mechanism:

  • Gently takes out the inside.
  • Use tweezers for small parts.
  • We immerse the elements of the wrist product in an alcohol solution for a couple of minutes.
  • We wipe the parts with a dry cloth and paper.
  • We assemble the device back, following the instructions.

The procedure must be carried out for details such as balance, anchor fork, winding wheel, dial hands. Clean the watch dial from dust, grease, and dirt.

Polishing watches

The cleaning process involves polishing the accessory. The procedure will make it possible to give the device a spectacular appearance. Polishing is done for glass. This element of the wrist product is constantly dirty, scratches appear. Polishing the glass will allow the device to return to its previous form.

Before processing, it is necessary to determine the type of glass. For mineral products, a polished wheel is ideal. This is a special device that allows you to eliminate scratches, dirt, minor damage. You will need additional elements: cotton pads, alcohol solution, paste.

Cleaning and polishing watches with plastic glasses requires an abrasive. Toothpaste is ideal. It is necessary to remove the glass, this will allow you to thoroughly wipe the product. Perform the procedure with a damp cloth. Cleaning is simple, does not take much time, effort. It is problematic to process sapphire crystal. The product feature is stiffness and fragility. Improper movement will result in instant damage.

Lifestyle and watch features

It is no coincidence that many men put watches and cars in the same category of values, as their selection criteria are approximately the same. Therefore, one must understand that men’s watches are a continuation of the identity of their owner, important information that he constantly broadcasts to others. And it is important that this message is clear and correct.

Main indicators and characteristics

Take, for example, a casual model with a basic set of complications: three arrows and a date. All indicators, including the calendar, should be clear and large enough to be read at an angle of 60 degrees. The arrows should be noticeably different from each other, but be made in the same style. And all markers on the dial must be marked with a luminous composition in the dark, a phosphor or safe tritium, even if you are not going to dive in this watch. It is not just practical, it is a sign of quality and status.

Wrist & Watch Size

It is important to understand how the watch will sit on your hand. The diameter of the case should not exceed the width of the wrist, if only because it is inconvenient. But too small watches look ridiculous. For the average hand, the optimal size is 40-42 mm, and the size of 44 mm is suitable for the big hand. It should be noted that modern watches are much larger than those worn by our ancestors and not only because of the change in the watch fashion. The fact is that now it has become possible to make the case profile curved – even large men’s watches conveniently clasp a hand and do not lie on it with a brick.

Main body materials

The most popular watch case material today is 316L Surgical Steel. It does not cause allergies, is not susceptible to corrosion and is practically not scratched, unlike gold. But here a lot depends on the personal preferences of the owner. For example, if the watch is rather large, then lighter and, by the way, more scratch-resistant titanium can become an alternative to heavy steel. Fans of dynamic techno-style can pay attention to black PVD coating or black ceramics. A watch made of bronze gives a very personal character to the watch, which over time is covered with a unique patina. And, of course, gold is a value for all time, when it comes to an expensive gift.

Bracelet or strap?

By the way, if a watch is bought as a gift, then you should also think about choosing a strap. It is important to remember that genuine leather is a prestigious, but not particularly versatile material. Many do not like her, because she gets wet, collects dirt, and eventually wiped and torn. On the other hand, a metal bracelet will last a long time, but will add weight to a wrist accessory, especially if there is a heavy mechanical caliber inside. An alternative may be actual rubber, nylon for fans of the military style, or the same leather with a special moisture-resistant pad.

Quartz or mechanics?

A separate issue is to prefer mechanics or quartz. Again, if we are talking about status watches that you are going to wear constantly, then the quartz movement should be chosen only if it has something special. For example, an ultra-precise course with thermal compensation technology or the ability to automatically adjust the arrows on the satellite. In the end, a watch is a measure of taste, erudition and professionalism. That is, the main male values.

The main types of watches: mechanics and quartz

All watches according to the principle of the clockwork are divided into:

  1. mechanical – classic (with a manual spring winding, which must be performed once a day or three) or with automatic winding. Mechanical watches from well-known manufacturers are considered a more prestigious accessory than quartz watches in the same price category. The service life of high-quality mechanical watches is about 50 years.
  2. quartz – operating on quartz crystals, which, when current flows from the battery, give out pulses with a certain frequency. They are divided into analog (arrow) and digital – depending on how the information is presented to the user. A special case of quartz watches is electronic – they work on the same principle, but the information in them is reflected on a digital display (and sometimes in the form of arrows).

Due to the small size of the mechanism, mechanical watches can take very elegant forms, which are especially appreciated by sophisticated elegant women. Dear chronometers allow you to measure time periods in fractions of a second, although, by and large, this does not play a practical role for the average layman. Manual winding mechanics have a delicate complex mechanism, consisting of many parts, very sensitive to shocks and shocks. For those who often forget about the daily need to start their watches, self-winding models are recommended – the internal rotor of the mechanism, when moving the hand, transfers its vibrations to the movement of the rotating spring mechanism.

Any mechanical watch reacts to magnetic fields, requires periodic cleanings and adjustments, usually carried out every few years. Many people love classical mechanics for the smoothness of the arrows, the characteristic “ticking” and beauty – in modern models, designers often include skeletons that allow the transparent elements of the case to see the mechanism. Chronometers usually call watches of a certain degree of accuracy , confirmed by a certificate of the Swiss Chamber of Weights and Measures, which is why Swiss watches are considered a recognized icon of accuracy.

Compared to mechanical watches, quartz watches have a higher level of accuracy and resistance to adverse external influences (shock, falling, shaking, etc.). The service life of the mechanisms themselves in both types of watches is quite comparable – the wear of the base parts is the same, and a high-quality quartz battery lasts up to 10 years. But functionally quartz watches are in many ways superior to mechanical ones – many models not only show full-time, but also the current date, allow you to work with the calendar and set an alarm.

An alternative to the usual batteries in quartz movements can be automatic winding and solar panels (photocells). The mechanical movement of the hand while walking is converted into electrical energy sufficient to automatically recharge the battery – automatic winding is very convenient, because usually a person is in a state of constant movement. Photocells are a natural charge of hours from the generated solar energy: both the simple decision, and environmentally friendly.